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Cheap Central Heating Installers Cardiff

Monday, August 16th, 2010

The key to cheap central heating partly lies in the installers used. More expensive labour costs mean higher end prices, and less reputable engineers can actually make mistakes that cost homeowners money. At David .B. Francis we’re a family run company, meaning that everything our engineers do is infused with a high level of conscientiousness, respect and accountability. As central heating installers Cardiff we aim to do everything we can to keep costs low for our customers. This involves completing jobs quickly and efficiently and installing systems which are durable.

However keeping costs down also involves effective planning. If you’re considering having your central heating replaced, make sure you select a contractor which carries out high quality and detailed boiler efficiency checks.

In the past (before 1989) boilers were as much as 30% oversized for the property in which they were located to ensure that the output delivered was definitely up to the job. The down side of this was that most homeowners were paying much more on monthly bills than was necessary to heat their home.

Here at D.B. Francis we carry out stringent checks beforehand which take the amount of radiators and hot water cylinders into account. Following further checks we’re then able to recommend and install a central heating system which delivers the required output and nothing more. This not only cuts costs for homeowners in the long term but is also more environmentally friendly.

The D.B. Francis team can also offer bespoke heating solutions for almost any circumstance. If you have an unusual or non standard system rest assured that we’ve come across a similar example at some point before. Overall the ability of central heating installers Cardiff like us to save homeowners money really does begin at the very start of the process.